A journal named ‘Hotel’ published five of my photo-poems. ‘New approaches to fiction, non-fiction and poetry.’

It’s been a heady few weeks (months/years?) with lots of cool things happening. When I think of the bigger picture, there’s a time for everything and a line from a Bell X1 song springs to mind:

Take the good luck, take the bad luck
Take the good luck, take the bad luck
And mix it around.

‘Reconstructions is a really vital project.’
-Dominic Jaeckle, Hotel

An eclectic online journal, “committed to literary innovation”, going by the name of “Hotel”, has featured five of my photo-poems, which were in large part, a response to the photographs taken by my father, during ‘the Troubles’.

According to Camille Ralph, of The Times Literary Supplement “[Hotel’s] commitment to new approaches to fiction, non-fiction and poetry promises all manner of havoc. It is not the only journal committed to literary innovation, but it is among the best…”

The Guardian reckons “[Hotel is a part of] the renaissance of UK literary journals…”

Hotel is a multi-headed beast. They run a bi-annual paper publication (see here for their forthcoming fifth), and a sonic venture in partnership with the American magazine New York Tyrant, ‘delicately titled Tyrant Hotel, that endeavors to restate John Giorno’s “dial-a-poem” project for the technological ubiquities of the iPhone era (see here).’

It really is very much its own thing. So, without further adieu, a feature of five of my poems and their accompanying photographs, read by yours truly. Enjoy!



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