New website!

Welcome to my new website! I’m delighted that after too long, I can finally share it with you.
As I’m sure you’ll concur, the designer, Electric Kiwi did a fantastic job and was a pleasure to work with. Big thanks to Ross!

Another European tour is in the works for this year as is another US stint, in March 2017-more details soon.

I’ll be in Northern Ireland during the summer filming part of a documentary that’s been in the pipeline for some time. Delighted to be green lighting that one too.

New material? Yes, an album’s worth written and the recording process will start this year. More on that and a European release/tour of Nuclear Family soon.

You can also check out my latest music video clip for Deep Blue Sea:

Oh and I’m a dad now!
Our daughter decided to join us on February first of this year. Both parents are finding their feet.

Now, have a look around and see where the journey has taken me in recent months and years.

Toodle oo!