Winding Down

It’s been winding down
And it’s better that way
And there’s no reason or rhyme
We know it’s just time, just time

This idea we had of taking things slow, see how it goes,
Just can’t go on, unendingly
I’m tasted salt at the back of throat
I’m having the hardest time keeping my words afloat

And it’s not that I’m saying you’re wrong for me you’re not
It’s not that I’m saying you’re not good for me you are
It’s just the things you can’t hold tight in the night are things left unsaid

It’s been winding down, faults not yours nor mine
And although I’ve run through this scene a million times in my mind
Nothing prepared me for that look in your eye
And it’s times like this you wish it was happening to someone else

All the words planned up in my head
Would probably sound better left unsaid

It’s not that I’m tired or caught up wondering to myself
I don’t want to lie here when there’s no one else
I’ve lost all belief in everything but myself, but myself
It’s the only thing I have

We’re like two thieves running out of things to steal
And why should we stay if the kisses aren’t feeling real
So long, it’s time we moved on
Looking around wondering which way to go
And it’s not that I don’t get scared thinking about it and it’s not that I get bored
Lying to myself and it’s all the things you can’t hold
That let you feel the cold at the bottom of my soul

When you said things would be ok
Were those just words to help keep my fears at bay
And when you said you didn’t want me to hurt none
you didn’t want me to bleed some
Where was all that coming from
Some things are better left unsaid, better left unsaid

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