Deep Blue Sea

There’s nothing as bad as feeling alone
when you’re lying beside your lover
She’s in love, your heart’s checked out,
you wish there was another
And it’s plain to see the misery,
the love has run its course,
But oh hold on, I could be wrong,
I’m beginning to feel like I’m cursed

Autumn makes me think of Helsinki
and the ones that got away
I try to believe as the trees mourn their leaves
that I wish I’d learned how to pray, pray
And how much I feared it would all end in tears
or with someone losing both eyes
But o hold on I could be wrong
there may be no need to cry, to cry

The birds move on, stop singing their songs
and the trees are down on their knees,
The beige, the reds put summer to bed,
old loves whisked away with the breeze and the leaves
But look at us stand with my head in you hands
and finally dawns on me
That I’m caught between my devils
and your deep blue sea

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