Leaving What You Know

Everything changes in front of you
Everyone changes, no one’s the same
Everything changes before our eyes
Then when it does you get so surprised

You will it to change
Again and again, then when it does,
You’ve lost your cause

Everything changes, let an old man by,
You know he has seen a million dreams die
Everything changes from old to new
Even your precious points of view

We’re shifted by change
Again and again
A guessing game
But still we’re the same
And you know that everthing keeps changin, everything keeps changing

All my friends are busy making babies
Some are happy feeding me their maybes
Never trust the guy who never looks you in the eye
You’ve willed it to change
Everything changes cuts and passes by
Everything changes
However hard we try
The picture rearranges
Young entirely old
It’s a new conversation
But I recognize your soul
Everything is changing
Everything keeps changing
Everything is changing
Everything keeps changing

Changes come and go
Nothing stays the same
Leaving what you know
Nothing stays the same

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