09.29.2020 Steafán asked to contribute to Belfast’s ‘Fortnight Magazine’ 50th anniversary edition

“Steafán Hanvey finds Echoes from Downpatrick during the Troubles as far away as Finland. Poignant autobiographical recollections and poems of how the past & present intertwine.

See [email protected] for Steafán Hanvey’s full account of how ‘history rhymes’.”




Download full edition here

09.15.2020 Pat Kenny Interviews Steafán and Bobbie Hanvey in Newstalk 106 FM studios in Dublin (21.18.2018)

09.10.2020 RTÉ Culture select Steafán’s poem ‘All Key-holders Attend (The Devil is in the Retail)’ as their Poem of the Week (6.12.2018)

09.10.2020 Steafán reads his poem ’17 (Cause to Grieve)’ on RTÉ Radio 1



09.09.2020 Steafán’s performing ’17 (Cause to Grieve)’ at The University of Oxford (5.6.2019)

Steafán Hanvey’s performance of the poem ’17 (Cause to Grieve)’ was particularly powerful.‘ (Rachel Kowalski)