09.09.2020 Steafán’s performing ’17 (Cause to Grieve)’ at The University of Oxford (5.6.2019)

Steafán Hanvey’s performance of the poem ’17 (Cause to Grieve)’ was particularly powerful.‘ (Rachel Kowalski)



09.09.2020 University of Oxford Arts Blog review of Steafán’s book launch performance (Reconstructions)

09.09.2020 Steafán’s photograph of Sony Music Finland’s artist ‘JONSU’ used for first single ‘Taikaviitta’ (Magic cloak)

09.09.2020 RTÉ ARENA Interview (18.12.2018)

(Photo: Bobbie Hanvey)

06.18.2020 Sony Music Finland commission Steafán to photograph Jonsu Salomaa of Indica fame

Steafán recently had the opportunity to wear his photographer’s hat, when approached by Finnish songstress Jonsu (Johanna) Salomaa. Jonsu used to sing in a band called ‘Indica’ and released no fewer than six long play albums. She is now flying solo and has more new music coming out soon. Watch this space for more photographs from the winter and summer photo sessions.


(Photo: Steafán Hanvey)