02.05.2019 In fine company in the people’s republic of Cork!

I love it when fellow book lovers take photographs of my book on bookshelves in Irish book shops, especially since it’s not something I’ve had the pleasure of seeing with my own eyes.

Thanks to the great Billy O’Callaghan, who also wrote the forward to my debut. Up Cork!

01.18.2019 ‘Reading Ireland – The Little Magazine’ Spotlight feature of ‘Reconstructions’

A lovely piece in ‘Reading Ireland – The Little Magazine’. Honoured to be in such fine company.



12.24.2018 A wonderful piece by the folk at ‘Sunday Life’

Delighted with this piece. They make it look so easy. Nicely done.

12.23.2018 Irish Independent include ‘Reconstructions’ in their Book of the Year category for 2018

‘A father and son come together to sombre, striking effect in Reconstructions: The Troubles in Photographs and Words.’



12.21.2018 Nuclear Family reissued in Canada & America through INgrooves